NYAB Article: Jane Forth


I’m so honored to have my illustration and quote included in this NYAB article and interview with Warhol Superstar, Jane Forth!
Jane has been a muse of mine since I was a young and I am so excited that I was given the opportunity to meet and draw her in person.
Article by Victor P. Corona, Photos by Veronica Ibarra, and make-up by the legendary Kabuki Starshine.

The Paper Doll Fashion Design Contest WINNER is……….




Daniel sent me a lot of amazing entries but this one really stood out to me. The white and gold are so dramatic against her skin tone and that headpiece is to die for!

One of the great things about paper dolls is the ability to mix and match different items. These pieces will be a great addition to her wardrobe!

1st runner up: Paige Cody for “Ultimate Extravagance”

2nd runner up: Robert Perez

3rd runner up: Chaitra

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated! It was so hard to choose, I spent all day debating… you are all so talented! I’ll be contacting you via email about your prizes! They will be provided by my friends at the famous website for wedding anniversary gifts – GWAG.

I’m still working on creating the new dolls… I’m getting close, they should be done soon! The winning design will be included with the one of the new Virtual Dolls as well as one of two items from each of running up entries! Be sure to look out for them!

Stay Tuned!


Paper Doll Fashion Design Contest!!!!



It’s been almost two years since I made a new fashion doll (not counting the Princess Academy doll) and I think it’s time for a new season!

As I spend these next few weeks creating a whole new array of outfits, hair, shoes, and accessories I think it would be fun if you did too!

So….I’m excited to announce my very first Paper Doll Fashion Design Contest!!

Last year I had a Rococo Wig Design contest and I was so impressed by the creativity of the people who follow my work! Let’s do it again!


I have created two models that you can design clothes for. Each model has a color version and a lined version *see below* You can print these out and trace over them. You MUST use these models as templates, submissions drawn on other forms will be disqualified.

You may use tracing paper, a window or light-box (you can even use your computer as a light-box), or you may draw directly onto the model. Don’t worry if the lines show through. Submit pencil, colored pencil, paint, watercolor, even digital drawings….all mediums accepted!

I’m looking for full head-to-toe looks! I want hair, makeup, hats, jewelry, gloves, dresses, tops, bottoms, tights, socks, and shoes! Not at the same time though, that would probably look insane! Have fun with it! Go crazy! Go glam! Go sophisticated! Go tropical! Go urban! Go funky! Go punky! I love all styles!

Also, you can enter as many designs as you want! So keep ‘em coming! The more designs you enter the greater your chances of winning!

Please email me your designs:


Deadline: Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The winner will be announced Wednesday, April 13, at 12 PM EST.

For the winner: I will virtualize your design/s and put them on my website, where you can play with them anytime you want.

I will also throw in one pair of Pro Ked Shoes, in your size, designed by me! Any pair you want!

I will be selecting 3 runners-up who will also receive a special surpise prize!!

I can’t wait to see your designs!




Good Luck!

Play Art Director!



My schedule has cleared up for a little bit, which leaves me some much needed time to do personal artwork. I got the chance to sit down doodle last night, just to see what sort of imagery sprung up. I did about 10-15 different watercolor drawings and one of the themes that I was most drawn to is Objectum-Sexuality.

Objectum-Sexuality is basically when someone falls romantically, sexually, physically, and emotionally in love with an inanimate object. It is very rare that someone identifies as OS and usually only happens with women.
It sounds strange but is it really that different then a teenager kissing a pillow and thinking about a boy? Or a stadium full of little girls can love a heartthrob, to the point of tears, and not feel competitive with each other?
I find the idea to be very romantic; the need to love so badly that real emotions can be projected onto something/someone without any sort of actual exchange.

When I normally work on a project for a client there are several phases of roughs, feedback, sketching, feedback, tight sketching, feedback, coloring, feedback, and then final. I did these four rough “concept” sketches and I’m interested in which ones stick out to you and why. I’m also interested in your suggestions and ideas on where I can take the idea.
These four drawings all evoke in me the “unrequited love” feeling I get from the concept of an Objectum-Sexual. I’m hoping they do the same for you.
Whichever drawing seems to be getting the most attention is one that I’ll explore further.
Feel free to comment below or email me admin@jdavidmckenney.com
looking forward to your feedback!

Play Art Director: part 2



Okay so it’s time for another phase of my “Play Art Director” blog project. The drawing most responded to, in comment and via email, was Mass Passion so I’m exploring that composition further with these new watercolor sketches. It was suggested that I should maybe replace the rose with a drippy Italian ice. Now for me, a cup of Italian ice doesn’t evoke the romance and eroticism that I’m looking for with this particular piece but I do love the idea of sexy, drippy, red goo….so now the flower is dripping sexy, red goo.
For the next phase I’m going to work on a more finely tuned pencil sketch, and I’m sure the composition will evolve and become more complex as I do that, but I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on the direction it’s going!
Please tell me what you think! I LIVE for feedback!