Play Art Director!



My schedule has cleared up for a little bit, which leaves me some much needed time to do personal artwork. I got the chance to sit down doodle last night, just to see what sort of imagery sprung up. I did about 10-15 different watercolor drawings and one of the themes that I was most drawn to is Objectum-Sexuality.

Objectum-Sexuality is basically when someone falls romantically, sexually, physically, and emotionally in love with an inanimate object. It is very rare that someone identifies as OS and usually only happens with women.
It sounds strange but is it really that different then a teenager kissing a pillow and thinking about a boy? Or a stadium full of little girls can love a heartthrob, to the point of tears, and not feel competitive with each other?
I find the idea to be very romantic; the need to love so badly that real emotions can be projected onto something/someone without any sort of actual exchange.

When I normally work on a project for a client there are several phases of roughs, feedback, sketching, feedback, tight sketching, feedback, coloring, feedback, and then final. I did these four rough “concept” sketches and I’m interested in which ones stick out to you and why. I’m also interested in your suggestions and ideas on where I can take the idea.
These four drawings all evoke in me the “unrequited love” feeling I get from the concept of an Objectum-Sexual. I’m hoping they do the same for you.
Whichever drawing seems to be getting the most attention is one that I’ll explore further.
Feel free to comment below or email me
looking forward to your feedback!