Play Art Director: part 2



Okay so it’s time for another phase of my “Play Art Director” blog project. The drawing most responded to, in comment and via email, was Mass Passion so I’m exploring that composition further with these new watercolor sketches. It was suggested that I should maybe replace the rose with a drippy Italian ice. Now for me, a cup of Italian ice doesn’t evoke the romance and eroticism that I’m looking for with this particular piece but I do love the idea of sexy, drippy, red goo….so now the flower is dripping sexy, red goo.
For the next phase I’m going to work on a more finely tuned pencil sketch, and I’m sure the composition will evolve and become more complex as I do that, but I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on the direction it’s going!
Please tell me what you think! I LIVE for feedback!